Seriously, if you want the Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth: The Wild Cards Premium Edition, get it now. Wouldn't be surprised if it's gone before the end of the day. Amazon doesn't charge you until it ships, so just get your copy locked in. [Persona Q]

Want the rest of those cards? Here's the link for Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax.

Prefer all the deals in one place, join us for our second installment of Kinja Deals .

The Far Cry 4 Collector's Edition is also up for pre-order now.

Other Collector's Editions to take note:

The Order: 1886 Premium Edition | also available in Collector's Edition

Assassin's Creed Unity Collector's Edition

PSN Best of E3 Sale

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is also now free for Plus members.

Title PS Plus Price Sale Price Original Price
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (PS3) $19.59 $27.99 $39.99
Battlefield 4 (PS3) $24.49 $34.99 $49.99
Battlefield 4 (PS4) $48.59 $53.99 $59.99
Contrast (PS3) $7.34 $10.49 $14.99
Contrast (PS4) $7.34 $10.49 $14.99
Diablo III (PS3) $23.99 $29.99 $59.99
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (PS3) $12.24 $17.49 $24.99
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Collector's Edition (PS3) $22.04 $31.49 $44.99
Just Dance 2014 (PS3) $19.59 $27.99 $39.99
Killzone: Mercenary (PS Vita) $17.49 $24.99 $35.99
Luftrausers (PS Vita) $4.89 $6.99 $9.99
Luftrausers (PS3) $4.89 $6.99 $9.99
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (PS3) $12.59 $13.99 $19.99
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (PS4) $18.89 $20.99 $29.99
Need for Speed: Rivals (PS3) $29.39 $41.99 $59.99
Need for Speed: Rivals (PS4) $48.59 $53.99 $59.99
Outlast (PS4) $9.79 $13.99 $19.99
Saints Row IV (PS3) $13.49 $14.99 $29.99
The Walking Dead: Season Two – Season Pass (PS3) $9.79 $13.99 $19.99
The Wolf Among Us – Season Pass (PS3) $9.79 $13.99 $19.99

Sick of losing things under your car seat? The Drop Stop is a universal seat gap filler that will solve your woes forever. [Drop Stop 2-Pack, $21]

This is technically included in the Panasonic deal above, but it's too cool to not highlight. This is basically the Panasonic Vortex nose hair trimmer - one of our most popular items, and one of our must-own pieces of shaving gear - except this model includes a vacuum to clear out the clippings. Only $16 today with the $3 coupon. [Panasonic Vacuum Ear, Nose, and Facial Hair Trimmer, $16 with Coupon]

Whether you're buying for yourself, or you need a good gift idea for Father's Day, Amazon is offering solid coupons on a variety of Panasonic electric shavers. They all have solid reviews, but the Arc4 took second place in Gizmodo's round up of best electric shavers, and it's carrying a $25 coupon. [Panasonic Shavers, clip the coupon on each product page]

This compact Dyson vacuum doesn't just suck up dirt; an attached wet wipe cleans up grime like a mop as well. It's like doing two chores in the time it takes to do one. Walmart has it on clearance today. [Dyson DC56 Hard Vacuum, $229]

4.5 stars, and only $9. If you ever need to froth milk, this is a no-brainer. [Aerolatte Milk Frother, $9]

This soap pump looks way nicer than than a stock, store-bought one, and will create foam using any hand soap, so long as it is properly mixed with water. [Foaming Soap Pump, $12]


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See all the upcoming releases here .

June 17

EA Sports UFC | PS4/One

The LEGO Movie: Everything Is Awesome Edition | Blu-ray | Also available in standard edition

House of Cards Season Two | Blu-ray

June 24

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark | PS4/PS3/One/360/Wii U/3DS/PC

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare | PC

BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma | Vita

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season Six | Blu-ray

Orphan Black Season Two | Blu-ray

June 25

Valiant Hearts: The Great War | PS4/PS3/One/360/PC

June 26

Shovel Knight | Wii U/3DS

June 30

Divinity: Original Sin | PC/Mac


July 1

Child of Light | Vita

July 8

One Piece Unlimited World Red | PS3/Vita/3DS | Pre-order for Day One Edition

July 29

The Last of Us Remastered | PS4

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 | Vita

Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery | Blu-ray

Herzog: The Collection limited edition | Blu-ray


August 5

Sacred 3 | PS3/360/PC

Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed | PS3/Vita

August 12

Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited | Vita

Hohokum | PS4/PS3/Vita

August 19

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition | PS4/One/PS3/360

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare | PS4/PS3

August 22

Tales of Xillia 2 | PS3

August 26

Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Edition | PS4/PS3/One/360

Madden NFL 15 | PS4/PS3/One/360

The Walking Dead Season 4 Limited Edition | Blu-ray | Also available in standard edition

August 29

Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney | 3DS


September 2

The Sims 4 Premium Edition | PC

The Sims 4 Limited Edition | PC

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair | Vita

September 9

Destiny | PS4/PS3/One/360 | Pre-order for Beta access

White Playstation 4 Destiny Bundle

Playstation Gold Wireless Headset in white

NHL 15 Ultimate Edition | PS4/PS3/One/360

NHL 15 | PS4/PS3/One/360

September 23

FIFA 15 | PS4/PS3/One/360

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Edition | PS4/PS3/One/360

September 26

Zelda: Hyrule Warriors | Wii U

September 30

Forza Horizon 2 | One | pre-order for day one edition


October 3

Super Smash Bros. | 3DS

October 7

Dragon Age: Inquisition | PS4/One/PS3/360/PC

Dragon Age: Inquisition Deluxe | PS4/One/PS3/360/PC

Alien: Isolation | PS4/PS3/One/360/PC

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor | PS4/PS3/One/360/PC

DriveClub | PS4

October 12

Fantasia: Music Evolved | One/360

October 14

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel | PS3/360/PC/Mac

October 21

Evolve | PS4/One/PC | pre-order for Monster expansion pack

Battlfield Hardline Deluxe Edition | PS4/PS3/One/360/PC

Battlefield Hardline | PS4/PS3/One/360/PC

The Evil Within | PS4/PS3/One/360/PC

October 25

Just Dance 2015 | PS4/PS3/One/360/PC

October 28

Assassin's Creed Unity | PS4/One/PC

Assassin's Creed Unity Collector's Edition | PS4/One/PC

Sunset Overdrive | One | pre-order for day one edition

WWE 2K15 | PS4/PS3/One/360


November 4

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare | PS4/PS3/One/360/PC

November 11

Halo: The Master Chief Collection | One

The Crew | PS4/One/PC

Shape Up | One

November 18

Far Cry 4 Collector's Edition | PS4/One/360/PS3/PC

Far Cry 4 | PS4/One/360/PS3/PC

November 21

Pokemon Omega Ruby | 3DS

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire | 3DS


December 2

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix | PS3

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