If you've been waiting for the right deal to enlist in the XCOM series, wait no longer. Amazon has declassified a couple excellent bundles to bring you up to speed. Even better, we've got a great pre-order deal on XCOM: Enemy Within. Remember, we will be watching you save money.

  • Pre-order Dark Souls II and get free upgrade to Black Armor Edition

Reserving your copy of Dark Souls II on the PS3 or 360 will get you bumped up to the Black Arm0r Edition for no additional charge. As always with Amazon you'll pay the lowest price the game hits before release, and you won't be charged until it ships.

When Amazon had a Ghibli Gold Box back in May, Howl's absence was certainly felt. Today you can add many a fans' favorite Miyazaki film to your library, at its lowest historical price, and on beautiful blu-ray.

Every once in a while Amazon UK has a selection of blu-ray seasons of popular TV shows bundled together for dirt cheap. They are not always region free, but these are:

Still Alive





Xbox 360

Wii U









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