What's black, white, and red all over and can't live in apartments where pets aren't allowed? It's noir mode in the Amazon-exclusive Shadow Pack preorder bonus for Dead to Rights: Retribution. Does Amazon's pack top GameStop's?

It's a tough call. Folks who preorder Namco Bandai's Dead to Rights: Retribution at Amazon.com score the Shadow Pack. It allows the game's canine companion to use camouflage, while adding the visually striking noir mode, painting the game in black and white with splashes of red.

GameStop's preorder bonus might not be as pretty to look at, but it's much more functional. The Jack Pack gives our human protagonist a suit of armor, adding to his health and durability. It also adds action mode, where your bullets are replaced with explosive rounds, giving players a much bigger bang for their buck.

See? Tough call. I really love the look of the noir mode, but I really hate ordering games from Amazon, at least new releases. I'm more of an instant gratification kind of guy. Which would you choose?