Dead Space Fiction Expands With Aftermath And Salvage

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As with Dead Space before it, Dead Space 2 is getting the transmedia treatment from EA, with a brand new animated feature and a graphic novel taking fans deeper into the dark universe this winter.


Dead Space is definitely a multimedia franchise. EA kicked off the first game with an animated feature called Dead Space: Downfall, as well as a tie-in comic book. There's a Dead Space novel, Martyr, now available in bookstores everywhere. And now EA introduces two new entries into the line-up of non-video game Dead Space entertainment.

Dead Space Aftermath is an animated feature, again from Starz/Film Roman, takes place in the aftermath of the Aegis VII disaster, with a sinister government sending unwitting victims to be exposed to the Marker, hoping to create a Marker blueprint carrier.

Dead Space Salvage is a graphic novel that tells the story of the Magpies, a group of space salvage experts that stumble upon the abandoned USG Ishimura. What seems like a bit of good luck quickly turns into a nightmare, as the government tries to reclaim the ship and the dormant necromorphs on board begin to wake up.

The graphic novel, published by IDW in December, will feature the art of science-fiction and fantasy artist Christopher Shy, also known as Ronin.

Another Dead Space game, another graphic novel and direct-to-video animated feature.



Dead Space: Downfall was one of the best horror movies i've seen in a while.