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Visceral Games' sci-fi horror experience Dead Space Extraction appears (again) to be making the leap from critically successful, commercially disappointing Wii game to high-definition do-over, thanks to EA Montreal.


Dead Space Extraction was outed as a PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade candidate earlier this year, when we reported on publisher EA's interest in bringing the game to a more welcoming audience. The "full HD" game was listed as a possible incentive for Dead Space 2 purchasers that could carry a $15 USD price tag.


Now it appears a lot more likely, as an Electronic Arts rendering engineer lists the following game experience, via NeoGAF, currently in the works at EA Montreal.

Dead Space Extraction XBLA/PSN port (Feb 2010 – Now):
- Currently porting the popular Wii title based on EuroCom's EngineX to XBLA and PSN.

Dead Space Extraction for PSN and XBLA feels like the right move, a way for fans of the original to experience the Wii-only title on the platforms they prefer. As a pre-order or original purchase incentive, it—and that other rumored Dead Space game, Planet Cracker—would fit in nicely with EA's Project Ten Dollar scheme. And as potential PlayStation Move or Project Natal games, Extraction might just be crazy enough to work.

Plus, the more Dead Space the better, we say.

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