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Dead Space Aftermath Piles On The Cartoon Gore

January offers double the Dead Space, with the sequel to Visceral Games' sci-fi horror hit landing on the 25th and the similarly gory animated spin-off, Dead Space Aftermath, arriving the same day.


EA expands the Dead Space universe even further with Aftermath, a bloody animated film that follows up on the events of the original game. Dead Space Aftermath is a mix of hand-drawn and computer generated animation, soaked in blood and burning flesh, the kind of stuff perfect for Saturday mornings. It's coming to DVD and Blu-ray, if the Dead Space universe is something you'd like to explore even further.

If your initial impression is "Not gory enough!", give it a minute or two. Heads start exploding and skin starts flaying at an alarming rate as the trailer builds up steam.

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The only reason I'll be getting this is for the expansion on storyline.

The first film was terrible when it came to animation, acting, script, was only the storyline that made it worthwhile. This one looks even worse, with some weird combination of terrible animation and terrible CGI...