Dead Space's engineer protagonist Isaac Clarke returns! this time taking players to "The Sprawl", which is an expansive mining colony.

Isaac is outfitted with a new set of tools that he must use against the alien enemies. "Necromorphs" are the alien creatures from the first game; however, this time around expect to see a new twist on them — spiderlike and even tiny, cherubesque necromorphs. In Dead Space 2, Issac battles dementia as he is thrown into the midst of a huge necromorph invasion. As with the first game in the Dead Space survival series, Issac explores room after room, surrounded by cries and screams. The game's publisher, EA, promises bigger battles and scarier scares.

"The story of Isaac, the necromorphs and the whole Dead Space fiction has much more to reveal. Dead Space 2 adds another dimension to the complex world and characters that inhabit this universe," said Executive Producer, Steve Papoutsis. "We were honored and humbled by the response to Dead Space and Dead Space Extraction, and we could not be more excited to add another chapter to the annals of the horror genre."

The original Dead Space was released in October 2008. Dead Space 2 will be released on January 25, 2011 on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.