Illustration for article titled emDead or Alive 5/em To Feature See-Through Shirts

The Dead or Alive series has always been known for one thing: boob physics. The game's developers pride themselves on their ability to render realistic—or what they think that means—in-game breasts.


For Dead or Alive 5, the developers at Team Ninja are working on clothing that can become transparent over the course of a fight. Different clothing causes breasts to display different physics, too. For Team Ninja, these variables make character costume selection more...interesting.

Let's hope they also devoted this much time and energy to, you know, making a good game.


『デッド オア アライブ 5』早矢仕プロデューサー&新堀ディレクターインタビュー前編【よりぬきファミ通Xbox 360 6月号】 [Famitsu via トー速]

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