To depict the true meaning of game over, artist Kordian Lewandowski called on Mario, Princess Peach and, well, Jesus.

Carved by a 24-year-old Michelangelo, La Pietá shows Mary cradling Jesus in her lap after he has been crucified. The statue was vandalized in the early 1970s when an Australian geologist took a hammer to the sculpture. The work resides in St. Peter's Basilica behind bullet proof (and hammer proof) glass.


Lewandowski's work "Game Over" is made from a large block of polystyrene foam and features Peach holding Mario in her arms. The work is gaming's take on Michelangelo's sculpture.


This photo should give you an idea of just how large the completed work is.

Pieta "Game Over" by ~Kordianl on deviantART [deviantART] [Pic]