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Dead By Daylight's Next Chapter Will Feature The Ring

Koji Suzuki's terrifying antagonist will be coming to the survival horror game in March 2022

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Here is a screenshot of the well from Ringu in Dead by Daylight.
Any moment, Sadako will emerge.
Screenshot: © 2021 Koji Suzuki © KADOKAWA © RINGU/SPIRAL Production Group. All Rights Reserved.

Koji Suzuki’s 1991 novel The Ring was adapted into a hit Japanese film, which was later remade by Hollywood. Next year, The Ring (aka Ringu) is teaming up with survival horror game Dead By Daylight.

Chapter 23 will be a collab with The Ring. The game’s official announcement notes that this is “from the original story.” Suzuki’s novel and the Japanese movie adaptation were about a cursed VHS tape, and the terror that it unleashed. Since this tie-up is based on the original Japanese book instead of the 2002 American version with Naomi Watts, the terrifying vengeful antagonist will almost certainly be Sadako instead of Samara Morgan.

The teaser for The Ring collab shows one of the generators players must repair, as well as the iconic well.

Dead by Daylight has already featured a number of legendary horror characters from other scary movies, including Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

“We are very excited for the collaboration with Behaviour Interactive and the Dead by Daylight team,” said Kadokawa’s Reiko Imayasu, who produced the movies Sadako 3D and Sadako 3D 2. “We’ll be sending one of our most haunting characters to the Fog to pour down horrors that will rival all the great predecessors. Fans should beware of their heart; this deadly newcomer will definitely strike them, and they will tremble with fear whilst they wait.”

Sadako is one of the most frightening horror characters ever created, and The Ring is truly spooky. While details are currently scant about the collab, this definitely seems like a good fit for Dead by Daylight. I do wonder if and how the VHS tape and telephone will be incorporated.

“Well, the only thing I can say is that this new chapter will leave a mark,” teases Creative Director Dave Richard. “A real heart-pounding experience.”

Chapter 23 will debut in March 2022.