DC Universe Coming Late 2009, Early 2010

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Marvel Universe may be dead, but DC Universe is not. It's alive. And it's coming. But when? Speaking with MTV, DC comics writer Geoff Johns - who's working on the game - says it won't be with us anytime soon.


"It launches I think in early 2010, it could be late 2009" he said. Course, being the writer, and not the producer, he doesn't have the final say on that, but he's probably not making that shit up, either.


‘DC Universe Online’ MMO Writer Geoff Johns Talks Parallel Earths, Secret Identities [MTV]

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Considering the lackluster direction of the comics right now, I am hard pressed to really get excited about this one. Even with Johns, their best plotter, involved, I simply can't bring myself to care.

The Marvel MMO interested me more, and even that didn't hold a candle to how pumped I am for Champions Online. MMOs simply work better when the primary draw is the gameplay and story rather than relying on mainstream named NPCs that are essentially just going to stand around. See the appeal of WoW, EQ and CoH versus Matrix Online, Star Wars Galaxies and Pirates of the Carribean, none of which had any lasting appeal due to being too bogged down by a previously established canon and fanbase. Galaxies started out nice, but the license swiftly brought it right down the tubes because fanboys cried about this, that and the other thing.