DayZ creator Dean Hall, fresh off cancelling a video game about space, has announced a new video game about space: Stationeers.

It’s a game about building and managing a space station, and can be played either in singleplayer or as a collaborative effort with friends.


To dampen expectations that this is some kind of massive AAA effort, Hall tells Eurogamer that “It’s a hardcore, niche game in an area I’ve been interested in for a decade”. Which is fine, maybe it can fill the space in my heart left vacant by the cancellation of Double-Fine’s Space Base DF-9.

It’s not some distant, far-off project, either; the game is playable right now at Eurogamer’s Rezzed show in the UK, so if you’re in London you could go check it out. And if you’re not, it’ll be launching on Early Access “soon”.