DayZ Standalone has sold two million copies as of last night. This is notable because A) it's still in alpha, B) it only came out mid-December, and C) it was never part of a sale. Very, very impressive.


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This is notable because the game is an incomplete piece of shit lacking half of the features present in the original mod. The problem with throwing your money at alphas is that the developer can decide to call a game feature complete at any time they damn well like, and to hell with your hopes and expectations. When sales significantly slow down, which will happen eventually, the developers will be hard pressed to wrap things up because the money they have made up to that point will have been spent one way or another.

People should stop throwing their money at stuff that just seems promising. I may have not felt as strongly about this issue had the standalone DayZ alpha launched with at least all the features the original mod had. Still no fucking vehicles!? They have such a long ass list of things to add to the standalone that I doubt that they will even add all the features the mod had... And personally I don't think they will ever add decent zombie and melee animations, nor will they ever make another map. Have fun in Chernarus... FOREVER!