DayZ or Rust: Which Players Are Friendlier?

Two games. Both about surviving in a post-apocalyptic world. One lets you force-feed people disinfectant. The other lets you run around naked and bash people with rocks. I had to know - which has friendlier players?


Note: If you're confused, Rust is the game with naked people, but you have to turn off the "censor nudity" setting, which I did not do for the video. Sorry to disappoint.

Take a look at the video above to see the answers for yourself (and a cameo by Leo!). Be warned, there may be no nudity, but there's a fair amount of NSFW language.

I've seen so many weird clips of DayZ, that when I went to explore Rust, I immediately saw the similarities. The two games are very mechanically different, but the basic concepts are fairly similar. You wake up in an inhospitable world with not even the barest of necessities. In DayZ, you have to scavenge cities for supplies. In Rust, you're looking for raw materials to craft supplies and shelter, similar to Minecraft.

I spent about two hours in Rust and three in DayZ. Keep that in mind when you watch the video and see how many people I meet in each. That's probably the biggest difference going to Rust from DayZ. Even in a full server, DayZ is lonely. Maybe that's why people were willing to chat?

For those of you who can't watch the video (save it and watch later!), here's what I learned from each game:

What I Learned From DayZ Players:

  • Bandits camp the shoreline, so head inland as soon as you can.
  • It's more badass. It looks badass, it feels badass
  • Learn the map and loot spots
  • It's in Alpha, there's not much to it
  • Hold Alt to look around while running
  • Don't run on the roads. Be a creeper
  • If you have a second monitor, keep a map open on there

What I Learned From Rust Players:

  • When you disconnect, your character just lays down on the server, so make sure you have a secure house or a safe hiding spot. EDIT: Kyanos points out that this varies between servers.
  • Don't trust anyone
  • Don't hang out with Jollux
  • Don't trust anyone
  • I'm gay
  • Be a hermit, build a remote cabin with lots of storage
  • You can build shit
  • Don't trust anybody

One bonus tip from Tycho on Penny Arcade:

I have the thing you need to take your Rust experience to the next level. When you load into a server, the first thing you should do is to bring up the console with F1, and enter:

censor.nudity false

This will make people without clothing equipped appear completely naked.

So there's that if you need it. I wasn't aware of that until after I made the video, so I'm sorry if I disappointed anyone with the gratuitous pants.


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Maciek Sztel

Hey, im the "this game feels badass dude" from dayz, I feel bad for not giving any constructive feedback during the interview, I suck talking on-spot, and I felt pretty bad after I left. I regret saying, the map in rust is really uninspired and repetitive compared to dayz. The ingame responsiveness and combat, is much much more fluid and responsive inside Rust. I do not think either is worth the price of admission at the current alpha phase, I would caution people to wait until atleast beta before biting if they're on the fence. That being said dayz is more badass ;'(