DayZ is Officially Being Turned Into a Standalone Game

Illustration for article titled emDayZ/em is Officially Being Turned Into a Standalone Game

It's been discussed before, but now it's official: smash hit zombie survival mod DayZ is being turned into its own game.


Dean Hall, the mod's creator, will be overseeing the game as project lead, and it'll be published by Dean's co-workers (and ArmA creators) Bohemia Interactive.


Hall says the game will "follow the Minecraft development model", which basically means "fast iterations with the community alpha available for a heavily discounted price."

Those already playing, don't worry: because development is taking place alongside support, "anyone who is playing the mod now will be able to continue to do so".

Can't wait to see what happens with a game actually built around the idea, instead of trying to force the concept onto a military sim that couldn't quite handle it.

The end of the beginning [DayZ]

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Oh man. This original MOD has actually made me strongly consider getting a desktop PC for it and it alone. Now I have no choice.