Days Gone Has Gotten A New Patch Nearly Every Day Since Launch

Illustration for article titled iDays Gone/i Has Gotten A New Patch Nearly Every Day Since Launch

Days Gone, the Playstation-exclusive zombie (okay, “freaker”) survival game, has received nearly daily tweaks since launch, including a new patch today that corrects an issue introduced in yesterday’s patch.

The game launched with bugs that included things like audio that dropped in and out, texture pop-in, and frequent frame rate drops. It’s received seven patches in its brief life, three coming pre-release, with four more in the five days following launch.

Today’s 1.07 patch replaces Tuesday’s 1.06 release, which was meant to fix an audio bug that caused the in-game motorcycle audio to cut out and drop at random, and address a problem with the autosave function that wouldn’t sync the right number of saves to users’ cloud save accounts.


Trouble was, some users reported that patch 1.06 was causing their consoles to crash, and 1.07 addresses this by removing the autosave fix, with a note from the developers apologizing for any inconvenience the patch may have caused and urging players to report bugs on the Days Gone subreddit, where Sony Bend monitors a bug report thread.

As frequent as the patches have been, Sony hasn’t yet approached the extremely patchy first two weeks of last year’s God of War, a game that launched on April 20 and, in its first 11 days, received eight patches. There’s still time, and more bugs to squash.

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I’m in no rush to play this, but I will at some point.  Glad to see they are putting the effort in to make it better.  After reading reviews here and elsewhere I’m surprised it’s in the mid 70s over at Metacritic.  Sure you should take that with a grain of salt, but at least it seems to be better than my first impressions of it.