Day Three: What Announcements Did You Like? Dislike?

To: You
From: Bashcraft

We soldier on! E3 isn't over by a damn site. What tickled your fancy about day three, and what got on your tits?

What you missed last night
Why Is Kobe Bryant Wearing A Knicks Uniform?
First Image Of Metal Gear Arcade
Nintendo Selling Black Wii in Japan This Summer
Why Didn't The Original Wii Remote Have Wii MotionPlus?
Shigeru Miyamoto Checks Out The Competition (PSP Go)

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Both Microsoft and Sony excited me. I don't care if Micosoft is copying the eye, or if Sony is copying the wii-mote, all I know is that they're gonna use them for hardcore games where I can fuck people up, not play tennis or chase rabbits.

All the big hitters from Sony and M$ got me real pumped, and while Nintendo underwhelmed, what they showed was pretty cool. Tbh, I'd let them get away with "we have a new mario galaxy, end of show."

All in all the conferences did well and I'm still updating kotku and GT every minute to see new deveopers walkthroughs and trailers. A lot of crap to filter through though..