To: Ashcraft From: McWhertor Re: British Teeth Hey, Ash. You're back on duty, right? I hope that "Culture Day" was full of Japanese arts and sundry manifestations of intellectual achievement. Speaking of culture, I expanded the Kotaku Towers West music library this weekend, something I rarely do, now that I'm an out of touch stay-at-home blogger. Picked up that new LP by The Verve but have yet to listen to it, as I'm rather reluctant. Also grabbed some newish Matthew Dear, M.I.A., Panda Bear, Cut/Copy, M83 and Simian Mobile Disco. Any music recommendations? 'Cause I have some Kotaku post recommendations... Here's what you missed. Here Are Those DSi Lines Ash Was Looking For LittleBigPlanet As A Shmup Whither the Rest of the World? THQ Shuttering Four to Five Studios, Including Paradigm, Juice? Far Cry 2 Review: Hurry Boy, It's Waiting There For You Al Qaeda Suspects "Making Detonators Out Of Sega Cartridges"


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