To: Ash From: McWhertor Re: Here, Wear Your Brother's Man, what a day it's been already. Woke up with tequila tummy, saw Bungie's new Halo 3 teaser, watched the fallout from Jack Thompson's disbarment and tested out some fancy pants new podcast type stuff. Had to get some folks on the horn to wrap up some projects before heading off to Tokyo next week โ€” who knew it was so much work making t-shirts, for God's sake? โ€” and braced for another night in of work, work, work. Sure, it may not be as exciting as buying baby seats and diaper-specific trash cans, but... it's a living! *credits roll* You missed some stuff. Important stuff! The Bungie Countdown Ends...With A Teaser Trailer Let's Analyze The Bungie Keep It Clean Trailer Together! Bungie Secret Game is a "New Halo 3 Campaign Experience" Brutal Legend On Hunt for Publisher In Loving Memory Of The Intro & Cutscene Jack Thompson Disbarred Thompson Responds To Disbarment