Day Note: A Rare Look At Mundanity

To: Ash
From: McWhertor
Re: You Enjoying Golden Week

The most exciting thing to happen to me today, Ash? After photographing my "Greaser" linen field jacket, the one with a busted cuff button, I awaited response from a customer service rep on the resolution of my defective article of clothing. Would I have to take it to a tailor? Would they be able to exchange it?! Would I get store credit?!? :O It's the kind of drama that one can only express via emoticon.


I really need a kid, one who will barf on various things in my house in case I need to write a spicier Day Note again...

Actually, Crecente and I went back and forth on his Boom Blox review, arguing the finer, more limiting points of our review system and realized how swamped June is with big game releases. We also kvetched about pre-E3 plans, with a relationship-straining cluster of events from Microsoft, EA, SCEA, Konami, Capcom and others just around the corner. Sony, of course, just had a big one.


Anyway, here's some stuff you missed.
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Mirror's Edge Pretty, Lacking In Green, Brown
Resistance 2 To Features Lots Of People
Killzone 2, LittleBigPlanet Pushed Back
Stephen Colbert Takes On... Rain!!!!!
Dave Reeves Declares PS3 Outsells 360 (In Europe)

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Setzer IIDX

Days like those make me angry at myself. Granted such an open ended concept such as life and placed in a country where even the homeless are better off then some of the other residents of smaller and less developed countries in terms of food and shelter and safety.

Life's too big to be bored. Quit your job and travel. Or, since your job is writing, get a laptop and travel. Just be sure to set up direct deposit first. ;)

Can't wait to move to Japan, myself. That'll be new. =D