Dawn Of War II Gets New Map, Patch

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On Sunday, Relic will release a patch for Dawn of War II. It'll introduce not only a range of game balance tweaks and technical fixes, but a new multiplayer map as well.

The map is called Tiber Outpost, and is geared towards six-player matches.

As for the patch, you can read a full list of the changes below:

Patch 1.2.1


• New Team Battle map added! "(6p) Tiber Outpost" is now available for play.

PvP Gameplay

• Implemented final fixes for the Population Cap issue as noted in Patch 1.1.3. This included reverting the temporary changes made in Patch 1.1.3.


• Tyranid Warrior Adrenal Gland upgrade damage reduced from 52 to 40

• Energy Shields no longer regenerate while active – This includes the Zoanthrope, Falcon, Hive Tyrant, Warlock, Force Commander, Mekboy and Techmarine

• Energy Shield conversion modifier reduced from .2 to .25

• Energy Shields now have an 8 second toggle on / toggle off time.

• Falcon Energy regeneration reduced from 3 to .5

• Melee damage reduction versus Rippers reduced from .25 to .3

• Zoanthrope Focus Blast now immobilizes vehicles for 12 seconds from 15

• Guardian Battle Equipment cost increased to 50/15 from 40/10

• Carnifex cost increased to 600/135 from 550/125

• Tactical Sergeant's melee special attack reduced to 28 from 50

• "And They Shall Know No Fear" now debuffs Tactical Marine melee damage by .6

• Spore Mines can no longer enter Ravener Tunnels and Webway Gates

• Warp Spider deathspinner damage increased from 20 to 30

• Warp Spider Exarch dual deathspinner damage increased from 30 to 35


• Fixed an issue where campaign completion achievements were sometimes not awarded


Ranking and Online Stats

• Fixed an issue where players were awarded a win in Ranked multiplayer matches after modifying local files.



• Fixed an issue with automatching code to help provide better quality matches based on TrueSkill™ Rankings.


• Fixed an issue allowing players with mismatched data to be grouped together.


• Updated BugSplat error reporting to new version.

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PLEASE fix the bug that gives you a loss in online matchmaking if your opponent d/cs!