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Dawn Of The Dead Mall Coming To Left 4 Dead

Illustration for article titled Dawn Of The Dead Mall Coming To Left 4 Dead

Train yards and sewers are all well and good, but zombie-blasting has a history. A pantheon of classic zombie-blasting scenarios. And few are as iconic as the Crossroads mall from the Dawn of the Dead remake. Originally built for a standalone Half-Life 2 mod, this Crossroads map is now going to be made available for Left 4 Dead, soon as it's done. And it looks pretty done. Also looks pretty damn spot-on. There's a trailer after the jump if you feel like a walkthrough.

Crossroads Mall - A Replica of the Mall in Dawn of the Dead [Left 4 Dead Mods, via Giant Bomb]


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Damn, that's hot.

I was hoping for something like this for Left4Dead sooner than later, and here it is, kickass.

Stuff like this is exactly why PC gaming will never die, the community and ability to stretch a game to it's breaking point from a creative standpoint without the restrictions of companies like MS and Sony keeping creative content out of the hands of the people who love gaming.

I can't imagine owning a Valve game, or a game from any company that embraces the modding community, on anything other than a PC platform.