David Hayter Snipes At Konami On Twitter

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Wow! I guess David Hayter is really upset he won't be returning to the role of Snake for the next Metal Gear Solid game. Or maybe he's still participating in a long con with MGS creator Hideo Kojima? Check out what he just tweeted:


New Coke, of course, was Coca-Cola's failed attempt to change the formula that people loved. If Hayter is serious, it's one hell of a dig.

Then again, this is just the latest in what has been a long chain of Hayter trolling Kojima and crew on Twitter. Last week, he hinted that he'd be making an appearance at E3...

But then...


So, yeah. Is this part of one big Kojima-fueled conspiracy? I say probably. Then again, Hayter did seem rather emotional when he wrote about the news back in April.



I feel like an idiot, but after reading "New Coke" for the umpteenth time I just... I just don't get it.

Can somebody explain to me what people mean by that?