Darksiders Might Wage War On Hollywood, Comic Books

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Joe Madureira, creative director on Vigil's freshly-released Darksiders, has revealed that already talks are underway to shift the franchise into things like movies and comic books.

"We've gotten some interest from Hollywood, we've talked about doing a comic series," Madureira told VG247. "We" being publishers THQ, of course, not Vigil. "At least a couple of those things have to happen, I'm sure". Seeing as he only listed a couple of things, maybe they're both a go!

For those who haven't played the game, Darksiders is the story of one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, War, who has to clear his name by finding, then killing, everyone and everything responsible for triggering the end of the world.


Seeing as Madureira made his name in the business, you'd expect to at least see a comic series starring the bulky horseman and his fire-breathing horse.

Hollywood interested in Darksiders, confirms Madureira [VG247]

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And when is this not the case?

It seems every new game that comes out these days is going to spin off into every other media because it's just so awesome.

In the good old days these sort of discussions weren't brought up until long after the game had a sequel or two to deserve being made into a movie or comic books. These days some developers are just too full of themselves.