Dark Void's CES Trailer Is Wet Wet Wet

Illustration for article titled Dark Voids CES Trailer Is Wet Wet Wet

This is a new trailer for Capcom's Dark Void. You know, for all its allusions to The Rocketeer, I've never really noticed how much it looks a lot more like Mass Effect. If Shepard used Super Soakers.

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my main issue here is the HUD, which looks, as mentioned, straight ripped outta Mass Effect.

the real draw to the game was that its steampunk style (and the fact that it wasn't Damnation), and you wouldn't be able to gather that from the demo. it's bland, unimagatively futuristic, and too iPod-like. i was expecting pipes and levers and gauges and such.

and i guess the gameplay sucks, too.