Dark Void Zero: Blow Me

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It may only be two hours long, but Capcom's 8-bit DSi Dark Void prequel doesn't feel like a bit of fancy marketing.

Dark Void Zero, expected to hit Nintendo's download store in the next couple of weeks, features three levels, three bosses and an original 8-bit soundtrack composed by Battlestar Galactica's Bear McCreary.

I fiddled around with the game a bit earlier this week in Capcom's CES suite in Las Vegas. Sticking to it's retro stylings, players will use the direction pad and just two buttons to play Zero: One to jump and the other to fire.


Players make their way through the game, picking up temporary power-ups like new weapons and a jet pack, as they blast enemies and read through the game's relatively light plot in pop-up text windows.

The game also has a lot of neat little touches, like the wonderful McCreary music and even an intro faux NES graphic that asks you to blow into the DSi's microphone to start the game.

While it may have been conceived as something meant to market the upcoming release of Dark Void, Dark Void Zero is quite a bit of fun to play. It sort of reminded me of classic Gameboy titles like Duck Tales.

While it sounds like the only current plans for the game include the single release and a later release for the iPhone and PC, it would be great to see developers making more of these sort of titles for Nintendo's vastly under-served DSi download store.

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It saddens me to think that there are generations of gamers who will never know the joy of blowing on a cartridge to get it to work. Or holding down reset while powering off.