Dark Void Goes 8-Bit In DS Version

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Capcom's Dark Void won't just be appearing on the 360, PC and PS3; no, it'll also be appearing on...the Nintendo DSi.

In a marketing move for the main title, Capcom will be releasing Dark Void: Zero, an 8-bit interpretation of the game similar to the recent Mega Man 9 "demake".

It'll hit the DSi Shop in January, and should cost 500 Points.

Dark Void Zero: First Look and Hands-On [GameSpot]


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Yes! Finally, a real, for real game for DSiWare. Something that you can actually look forward to. That's not a port, not a semi-sequel, an actual game. And a creative use of the DSi's power as well.

Awesome, just awesome. Can't wait to get my hands on this.

Also, great price. They could've sold this for at least twice the price.

Capcom is doing it right.

Do you get it now, Nintendo?