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Dark Souls Player Experiences Minor Miracle, Dies

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Bed of Chaos is a notorious enemy in Dark Souls because she doesn’t quite work like any other boss. Twitch streamer Jerma985 had the best possible experience with the fight. Immediately after, he had the worst.


Bed of Chaos is a large, stationary enemy with two orbs of power to either side of her. From a lore perspective, Bed is whatever remains of the Witch of Izalith, a powerful figure in the Dark Souls universe, and the two orbs are her daughters who have been converted into power sources for the Bed. It’s gross and weird but, hey, Dark Souls.

Mechanically, fighting the boss entails getting to each side of the arena before defeating the small creature that controls the giant tree being that is constantly flailing its arms around the arena. Unlike other boss fights in Dark Souls, this one feels like it has quite a bit of luck to it, and it doesn’t help that the ground is falling from beneath you as this giant root being is trying to knock you off the map every few seconds.


Jerma985 got the worst of both worlds, of course. He got knocked by the arms, and then he was unlucky enough to live through to the next sweep. Much better, in my humble opinion, so simply get it over with. The comedy, though, is excellent.