Dark Souls II Players Have Collectively Lost 13,051,713,397,869 Souls

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That. That is a big number. I had to turn my phone sideways and everything to work that out. I don't even know how to say it. The staggering figure is the combined souls lost across both 360 and PS3, and the result of some 252, 163, 804 deaths overall.


Suddenly that 20K lost in No-Man's Wharf doesn't seem so bad, and at least we're all having fun. Right? Perhaps the worst stat of all is that after enemies 'falls' is apparently the second largest cause of death:

  • Enemy 165, 692, 980
  • Falls 45, 238, 688
  • Other players 18, 436, 039
  • Other 14, 741, 950
  • Traps 4, 252, 244

via Dark Souls 2 Beyond The Bonfire

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I'm still neck-deep in Dark Souls 1 for the very first time. Every new area is pretty intense and stressful. I JUST beat The Four Kings yesterday (after several attempts and a bit of level and weapon upgrade grinding). Now I must decide whether to go to the Duke's Archive and fight Seath the Scaleless, tackle the boss gauntlet that is Demon Ruins and Lost Izalith, or face my fears of total darkness and skeletal abominations in Tomb of the Giants... or take a detour to the Painted World.

Dark Souls is a game where even your choices of where to go next are difficult.