Dark Souls II Mod Mixes Up The Game

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The Second Sin mod has recently released its version. It’s a mod that reconfigures some of the encounters of Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin.

I’m personally a big fan of Dark Souls II, despite its reputation as being a kind of outlier in the series, and I’m generally interested in a mod that might mix it up a little bit. I mean, that game is weird, and I’m into something that might make it even weirder to play through.

Second Sin pitches itself as a mod that tweaks and modifies the enemy locations, some bosses, and moves some NPCs. It claims to make some of the midgame a little harder, but all of its tweaks end with Aldia’s Keep, after which the game continues as normal.


It’s worth noting that if you should probably only play this mod in offline mode. In a Reddit thread about the mod, the creator notes that things get a little iffy when you connect with other players. There is also a latent possibility of being banned from online play, so beware.

This is probably the perfect mod for a Dark Souls II player who just wants to mix it up a little bit. While the more-loved games in the series have lots of mods that freshen up the experience, that’s not necessarily the case for this one, so I’m glad that this exists.

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Okay, but. Like—what does it actually /do/? Even the mod page is scant in details.

Which, don’t get me wrong, I get that’s part the course of Dark Souls; but is this just a remix that adds a bunch of artificial difficulty by putting mobs/adds in obnoxious areas like the official team did for SotFS or.....?