Dark Souls II Beaten in Under An Hour

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Beaten in 59:15 to be exact and, according to the speedrunner, Allakazzaror, this is a new world record—the first one under an hour—without using glitches.


The run falls into the "current patch, glitchless any%" category (there are many many speedrun categories for this game as you can see here) which means you have to complete the game as fast as possible by whatever means and without using game breaking glitches. Sounds fair enough.

Here's a nice little summary of the route Allakazzaror took for his run, if you'd like to give it a try.


And this is his summary of the strategy he used:

- Last Giant, Pursuer and Rotten1 went off with a hitch.
- DLC1 runthrough was the first clenching moment. I almost got killed picking up the Bonfire Ascetic. Had to heal, and got a bad fall into the Flynn's Ring room. Lost some time.
- Trying out some new strats, I decided to skip picking up the Chloranthy Ring.
- Off to Sentinels for the second Bonfire Ascetic, everything went swimmingly well. I even saved time.
- Rotten2.... I died. At this point, I was torn on whether or not to reset. In hindsight, I'm very glad that I didn't.
- Rotten3 and 4 went well.
- Dragonriders was the next clutch moment. Heading towards them, I messed up opening the two doors outside Nash's King's Door. In the fight, I got hit early, which threw off the Dragonriders' attacks. Lost some time...
- Mirror Knight used some new strats, involving an RTSR setup falling off the ladder by the elevator. I'm still torn on this strat, cuz I ended up losing time even with the RTSR, due to the elevator wait.
- Demon of Song was just perfect. The run to him, on the other hand... not as perfect. My previous PB wasted a lot of time here on a bad fight, so I still saved quite a bit of time.
- Enter Key to the Embedded. Velstadt went well. First try fog gate saved a lot of time here.
- Guardian Dragon... could have gone better. But it also could have gone much much worse... All things considered, it was acceptable.
- For Giant Lord, I miscalculated the damage needed for an RTSR setup, so I lost some time. This is an easy fix though, 32VGR instead of 35.
- Throne Watcher/Defender was easily the BIGGEST timesave I had, and I claimed just as much of that possible timesave as I could. That being said... I don't think I'll ever get another fight as good as this one.
- Nashandra, I just wanted to play it safe. The WR was in the bag, as long as I didn't fuck it up. I took it slow, lost a small amount of time, and left with a victory.

And there's still time to be saved for future attempts, as it's far from a flawless run. But I guess we can forgive that with a game this size.

WR DS2 Glitchless Any% in 59:15 [YouTube, Twitch, via r/darksouls2]

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As impressive as this is, it's kinda missing the point . There are just some games that shouldn't be beat in a hour.