Dark Souls 3 Player Trolls Everyone By Playing As Shrek

Poor Shrek. He just wanted some peace and quiet, but some jerks just won’t stop trespassing over his swamp! This won’t do at all.


Watch as Iron Pineapple defends a Dark Souls 3 swamp area while playing as Shrek. Naturally, Shrek is accompanied by Puss in Boots and Donkey, and together they gang up on a bunch of unsuspecting Dark Souls 3 players. It’s hilarious to watch:

Lots of these multiplayer encounters end in bloodshed, but I love the moment when Shrek actually manages to convince another player to sit down. Too good.


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This is totally random to say, and it could very be due to how baked I am right now (which is a lot) - but the way you described Shrek, as “some jerks just won’t stop trespassing over his swamp!”, really reminds me of the The Big Lebowski. After all, just like Shrek, the dude has some trespassers pee all over his rug, - and then stole it! - and he just wanted it back.

The two guys are practically kindred spirits.