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Guy Finds Totally Bananas Way To Beat Dark Souls 3

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Every Dark Souls game is actually two games: 1) the game itself and 2) an ongoing competition to beat it with every completely unsuited object known to man, up to and including the kitchen sink. Honestly, though, I think a sink would make for a more intuitive controller than bananas.

ATwerkingYoshi, whose handle is Really Quite Something, has dedicated himself to playing through games with all sorts of oddball controllers. In fact, he’s already beaten Dark Souls 3 with a DDR dance pad, a steering wheel controller, Donkey Kong bongos. It naturally follows, then, that it was only a matter of time before he got around to bananas.


He wired up the bananas using what appears to be a Makey Makey kit and somehow avoided mashing them to mush over the course of his run. Also worth noting: he only died 62 times in the process. Many people are lucky to make it through a regular run of the game with their sanity and dignity so intact, let alone while attempting what I’m now officially christening the Edward Bananahands route.


What’s next? Who knows. The world is vast and contains tens—perhaps even hundreds—of objects. I feel very bad, however, for the inevitable person who gets it in their head that they need to try beating Dark Souls 3 with a live fire ant colony.