Dario Argento In Dead Space

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Italian horror filmmaker Dario Argento (Suspiria, Deep Red) is doing voice work for EA's scary sci-fi title Dead Space. According to EA, the director lent his horror know-how in actively creating character Doctor Kyne. Here's the catch: His voice work will only appear in the Italian version. That's good for those who understand Italian, but not so good for those who don't. Still, it's neat to see Argento lend his name to the project. Don't think we can master the Italian language in time for the October 14th shipdate. EA's Dead Space to feature voice of Dario Argento [Trading Markets via Gay Gamer]


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Well, i'm a little nervous for this game. Last time a rather large "geek props" name was dropped for this title, two days later, they said his work was years back, and had been reworked. Lookin your way, Ellis. (and i was EXCITED when his name was connected.)

Call me jaded, but if we find out in two days he's NOT doing much with it... well, i won't be shocked in the least.

Still curious about this game, even though my spidey senses are tingling that i shouldn't be.