Dante's Inferno Cartoon Features Monster Anal

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While EA's Dante's Inferno video game allows you to explore the darkest depths of hell, the animated feature goes darker and deeper still.


During the Dante's Inferno panel earlier today at the San Diego Comic-Con, director Vic Cook explained just how deep Dante would travel in the animated feature.

"You're gonna love it. We've got bodies flying around. We've got Dante literally being shoved up a monster's butt."



Perhaps I just heard that wrong. I figured they would take extensive liberties with the original work, but there's no way they would get that extensive, would they? Let's see what the game's executive producer, Jonathan Knight has to say.

"In the original game script we wrote that Cerberus was going to shove Dante up his ass...it was a crazy, crazy scene. We just couldn't do it in the game for a lot of reasons. To have that moment that was in the game script that was cut from the game to show up in the animated feature is just really cool."

...okay then. Might want to keep that in mind when you see the Dante's Inferno DVD on shelves sometime in 2010...you know...if you're into that sort of thing.

Aside from the monster anal, Cook also hinted at a scene set in the Lust level, directed by anime director Dong Woo, that was absolutely mind-blowing, over the top..."I can't even talk about it because there are children here." So don't worry about spoilers. The worst is yet to come!

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ShadowOdin is gonna be King of Kotaku

Boys will be...boys?

Can you say that when the executive producer is talking about how excited he was putting something in the ass of another being in the game based one of the most epic and well-respected poems in the history of the world?

Because I feel...empty. I have such great respect over Dante's work that this feels...I don't know.

It feels weird.

Kinda like nothing is sacred.

Kinda like we've reached a new low.

Y'know, they could've made a sleezy porno out of this, and I would feel nothing, because a porno is a porno and I don't think there's a person who takes them seriously.

But here we have a videogame, part of the culture that is arguing that it should be allowed to be viewed as an artform, taking Dante's Inferno and making it into something that it is not. In fact, it's as far from it as it could be. It has nothing to do with Dante's work at all, past the setting.

They are just exploiting the name in a way that leaves me feeling dirty and unclean over calling myself a gamer.

Is this the direction which games really should be going in?