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Dance Dance Revolution Coming To PS3

Illustration for article titled Dance Dance Revolution Coming To PS3

You know it, you love it, Dance Dance Revolution. Konami's rhythm game is apparently coming to the PS3.


Yes, that is an older model PS3.

Via its Facebook page, Konami revealed that the game is *finally* PS3 bound:

Yes, DanceDanceRevolution fans, it's true-we're bringing DDR to the PS3! And we're bringing YOU to the launch party. Thursday evening, August 12, in LA. Join us in person, on Twitter, or on Facebook for exclusive, interactive, fan-friendly, multiplayer Music & Motion fun.


No word on whether DDR will be hitting any of the other home consoles.

Facebook | DanceDanceRevolution's Photos [Facebook via NeoGAF via Eurogamer Thanks, Chris!]

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Any word on whether there will be a store like Rock Band's? Because I need my Butterfly remix.