A few companies have tried their hands at Halo action figures over the years. McFarlane is one. Square Enix another. Well, you can now add Hong Kong outfit threeA toys - only the best damn toy company on the planet - to the list.

threeA has teased an image of a figure based on Carter, from Halo Reach, and even chopped into little pieces the detail on it is amazing.

Being a teaser image, though (and one that was swiftly yanked from their site, indicating a premature posting), there's no info on pricing, but if it's anything like threeA's other work, expect it to be a little more expensive than you're used to.

Though the deal between threeA and Microsoft was announced last year, this is the first time we've seen a figure, making it the second video game debut for the company in a month following the reveal of a line of Valve pieces in late March.