A Steam Curator Who Only Reviews Games With Anime Girls

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For better or worse, Valve wants Steam's community to take care of game curation and recommendation on the increasingly overstuffed service. I do not, however, think they expected this. No one expected this.


Waifu Hunter is a Steam curator who rates games based exclusively on whether or not they have anime girls in them. The page is a parody of, well, a lot of things. Anime culture, aspects of video game culture, the concept of curation, etc. Here are a few shining examples of their handiwork.

Let's start with their take on visual novel Narcissu 1st & 2nd, which is... indicative:

"I don't even need to play this in order to know that it's good, because it has an anime girl in it, which is good. You'll probably enjoy this, maybe."

Of popular adult dating puzzle RPG HuniePop they said:

"A real gem. Bonus points for realism, as you will most likely fuck up a lot, and the women will laugh at you, a lot. Just like in real life. Good tho."

Of role-playing game Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1, they said:

"What if instead of being ABOUT animes with big boobs, your video games WERE animes with big boobs? A Kafka-esque tale of games with big software assets."


The best ones, though, are their opinions on games that have nothing whatsoever to do with anime or girls or life or air or planet earth. Case in point:

Dark Souls II:

"At one point you meet a scary-looking bird lady. You can manipulate the camera so that you look at her weird bird butt. Some people may like this."


Alpha Protocol:

"One of the few good western dating sims. Strongly recommended for people who can stomach eroges with a non-anime artstyle."


Five Nights at Freddy's 2:

"An animatronic chicken walks around in panties. You put on a bear mask. The panty chicken comes closer. A shameful boner. There are consequences."


So there's that. Let it never be said that Steam isn't a spawning pit for rampant, occasionally wonderful weirdness. We have a Steam curation page too, but our gimmick is nowhere near as strong. Oh well :/

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Duke Christopheles

Clearly they are having fun with this. I celebrate such madness, it's certainly better than the review that's just pages of endless rambling.