Dad Builds Custom Xbox Adaptive Controller So Daughter Can Play Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Xbox’s Adaptive Controller has done some amazing things as far as accessibility in video games goes, but the setup isn’t hard-wired to only work on a Microsoft console. It can, with a little work, also run on the Nintendo Switch, and in doing so bring an enormous smile to a little girl’s face.


Rory Steel built this custom pad for his daughter, who has been itching to play some Zelda along with her friends, and it’s fantastic.

Once completed, it was time to test it out, and:



The MS accessibility controller is one of the most beautiful stories in gaming in the past decade. It doesn’t make any money, it’s for an extremely select audience and practically nobody knows about it. But it’s a game changer (literally ) for the people who use it. I’d love to see first party offerings from the other major players, but for now, I’m just blown away. I love this story, I love everything about it, including that tear jerking beautiful smile.