Cypress Hill "Singer" Suing Grand Theft Auto, Claims He's The "Real" CJ

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Michael "Shagg" Washington, a "backup singer" with rap act Cypress Hill, has decided in 2010 to sue Grand Theft Auto developers Rockstar for a game they released in 2004. Why? He reckons he's the star of GTA: San Andreas.

Washington, who says he only just heard about the game from his nephew, is basing his case on the claim that in 2003 Rockstar met with him to speak about his life growing up in gangs, during which time he told the developers, among other things, "how the teen-agers (sic) in his gang rode around on bicycles".

"The plaintiff had never seen the game. He did not own or play video games, but it seemed possible that he had been included in the game," the official legal complaint reads. "He then recalled the meeting in or about 2003, and it began to dawn on him that his image had been stolen for the game."


"Upon examination of images of 'CJ' and comparison to his photos from that year and other evidence, it became clear that Rockstar had stolen his image and never paid him."

For his troubles, Washington - who is suing not only Rockstar but the game's publisher Take-Two as well - is after 25% of the profits generated from sales of San Andreas. Which adds up to, oh, $250 million.

Good luck with that, "Shagg".

Take-Two has responded to the allegations with a brief statement, which reads "The Company believes the lawsuit is completely without merit and will vigorously defend itself in the matter."


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I want to see the court script of this. I'll microwave some popcorn and eat it while I'm reading.