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Cybernetic Augmentations from Sarif Industries Will Change Your Life

Sarif Industries: Building better people for a better tomorrow. What could a human augmentation company that's done so much good possibly have to hide?


This lovely little viral video for Sarif Industries, the fictional biomechanical augmentation company that plays a central role in Deus Ex: Human Revolution leaves my limbs and eyes aching for the promise of a future that might not arrive in my lifetime.

Back in my Shadowrun days I often joked that as soon as cybernetic implants were ready for testing, I'd be first in line for a headjack, connecting me directly to the internet. I'd joke that it would be the first-generation model, soon rendered old and clunky by the sleeker models the kids would be wearing. I wouldn't mind. Mine would be vintage. Retro. Ten years later it would come back into style, and then who'd be laughing?


I've obviously thought a great deal about this subject. In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Sarif Industries is a hotbed for conspiracy and intrigue. I'm okay with that as well. Shadowy visitors in the middle of the night, kicking down my door? No problem. Just let me have a laser arm for a couple of days, and I can die happy.

Stupid viral video, making me all nostalgic for the future.

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I love the glossing over of the negatives that would follow this technology, such as a new form of racism, elitism, (supposedly) anti-religious sentiment, the "not natural" argument, the "unfair-ness" of enhanced humans being able to out-perform "natural" humans, the list goes on and on...