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The Alienware M11x is what every little video game-loving boy and girl has on their Xmas list this year because it can be perfectly customized for the optimal personal gaming experience. And weighing in at just under 4.5 lbs., it's light enough to hang by your chimney with care.


Besides sugar plums, some gamers are dreaming about Call of Duty, and some about World of Warcraft, so it's it important to have a system that meets individual needs. Each basic M11x comes equipped with an Intel Core i mobile processor, an 11.6-inch HD LCD screen with 720p resolution, NVDIA Optimus technology, 500 GB hard drive and an HDMI graphics output.

The M11x is just one of the awesome gifts that will make the gamer in your life very happy. Check out all the others in our 2010 gaming gift roundup here.

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