Custom Transformers Devastation Optimus Prime Figure Imitates Art

This is not a screenshot. It is not a piece of two dimensional fan art. This is a fan-modded Optimus Prime action figure. Seriously.

Though some folks took issue with its length, Transformers: Devastation turned out to be a rather solid video game. It was also inspirational, at least for figure modder LEK Custom Toys via Super Punch). They took a Masterpiece Optimus Prime figure, which is lovely enough on its own, and did this:


It’s paint-based illusion at its finest. Not only did LEK do the figure, they did Optimus’ trailer as well.

The entire trailer, inside and out.


Optimus looks like a screenshot, or something you’d find in the artist alley at a fan convention. The effect is overwhelming. Check out the work in progress shot below—it looks like he’s holding a cartoon.


For those of you whose taste run a little bit darker and more inept, LEK also did this:


Yes, his stupid cassette recorder mode as well.


Check out the full gallery of Optimus Prime (and Soundwave, I suppose) at LEK’s Facebook page. I am going to go try and transform into something with a fraction of their talent.

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