Despite being somewhat limited compared to traditional modding, Doom’s SnapMap feature has helped produce everything from demonic farming simulators to demonic MOBAs. And now, it’s given us a demon fashion show. Demons are nothing if not well-rounded individuals.

Kyle Pena put together a SnapMap scenario that’s all about stylish demons strutting their stuff.

There are no custom skins or outfits, sadly, as SnapMap doesn’t allow for things like that. Still, Doom’s demons are fashionable in their own way—which I call Cover Of A Heavy Metal Album Couture—and this is a rare chance to admire their unique beauty without having our skulls ripped out and thrown into The Bone Hole, aka the hippest theme bar in hell (that is also just a big ol’ hole full of bones).


There’s also an announcer. They spout lines like, “Loving the shadowy fusion of metal and bone. Very Clive Barker.” It’s all very good. Might not be anywhere near as complex as, say, a MOBA, but it’s confident. And as a wise demon fashion expert once said, confidence is always sexy.

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