Custom Batmobile Baby Stroller Is Just Asking For Trouble

At least young Colin Earl won't have to wait for a bat to come crashing through his window for vigilante inspiration — this custom-built Batmobile stroller should do the trick nicely.


The nice folks at Super-Fan Builds, makers of the lovely BioShock aquarium, tackle a Batman super-fan in this latest, ill-fated episode. Well-meaning wife Maressa Earl nominated her husband Josh and son Colin for custom collectible treatment, and the result is pretty outstanding. I just wouldn't take young Colin to see The Mask of Zorro any time soon, and certainly wouldn't take the alley route to the car if I did.

Then again, Josh merely adopted the dark — Colin was born in it. molded by it. Maybe if they just avoid football stadiums.

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Man, I hate strollers, both as a consumer of the product and as member of society exposed to them on a regular basis as a non-consumer.