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In December, there'll be a soft, cuddly Portal turret available to buy. Those who like their Portal companions a little squarer (but just as cuddly), you get yours a month earlier.


In November, NECA will release its first piece of official Valve merchandise, in the form of a plush Companion Cube. No word on price yet, but it'll be 6″x 6″ (x 6″!). And soft.


And, for series purists, probably quite flammable, too.

Portal – Plush – Companion Cube [NECA]

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When these were out of stock at the Valve store, I couldn't wait and I got the "fuzzy dice" version instead. They're 4x4x4 instead of 6x6x6, but I got two. I'll cut the string off between them and then my baby can have one to play with and I'll have one of my own that will stay (relatively) drool-free.

However, now that there are options to get the big one again, I might well have to do that, too, when I place an order for a turret. :)

And if you might remember, I'm the guy who made the Portal birth announcement for the same baby that's in the photo, so of course I couldn't wait to get the WCCs for her too.