AWP 5k - 1 bullet

“I have never seen this before so i think it is rare?”, he says on YouTube. “Not sure! hope everyone enjoys :) “. Since blowing up earlier today, sp1cay’s YouTube comments have been flooded with praise like:

That is a once in many lifetimes shot. Insanely unreal. Grats.

This is the craziest thing ever man. Valve should promote this

Fantastic moment in gaming history. Someone send this to geoff to make sure its on game awards highlights

I don’t know if I am going to see another one like this in my life

That was fuckin rad dude. I’ve never seen a shot like that in CS history

no ones ever gonna hit something like this again

Something to tell your kids for sure — cause I would. Once in a lifetime thing for sure.

I don’t even play the game but I know this is awesome!

I think most of us are that last guy right now.