Crystal Defenders Final Fantasy Game Hits iPhone

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The Final Fantasy Tactics-themed iPhone game revealed in the pages of Famitsu back in October has now arrived, as Square Enix unleashes Crystal Defenders for the iPhone and iPod Touch.


While the official title of this $7.99 iPhone game doesn't contain the words "Final Fantasy", Crystal Defenders is based on FF Tactics through and through, using job classes from the series as well as extensively using the A2's music throughout the menus and gameplay. It's basically a defense simulator, in which you place your units on the field and start the enemy waves, hoping you've built up enough forces to stem the tide.

There are three levels of play - W1 to W3 - each increasing in complexity. From what I've played of it so far it's an entertaining little title, but then anything that puts tiny black mages at my fingertips would have to work pretty hard to fail in my book. Check it out now at the iTunes Store. Thanks Fabian for pointing the game out!



so there's no story that you're following as you play?