Crysis 2 Won't Make It Out This Year

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Most recently scheduled for release before the end of 2010, perhaps even in the fall, EA has confirmed that Crysis 2 has been pushed to its fourth financial quarter, giving it a release window of January through March of 2011.


The news of the delay came today during EA's reporting of its first-quarter 2011 financial results. No specific reason for the delay was given, outside of a general changing of the phasing of Q3 and Q4 releases.

That's one less game to put on my Christmas list, and one more title to spend my Christmas gift cards on.

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Wow, EA is going to have a crowded first quarter of 2011 with Dead Space 2 in January, Bulletstorm in February, Dragon Age II in March and now this (I think I got all that right). I think they should be careful with their releases.