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Cryptic Talks Champions Online's Blood Moon

Illustration for article titled Cryptic Talks Champions Onlines Blood Moon

Zombies and werewolves run rampant in Cryptic Studios' Blood Moon event for Champions Online. In this video the developers discuss the special events taking place during the free-for-all weekend.


As a long-time MMO player, I love the way developers tend to go slightly crazy when it comes to Halloween events. I used to get all giddy back in the day, when Everquest first started running huge, multi-zone treasure hunts during the holiday, and to this day I always look forward to seeing what the creator's of my favorite MMO titles come up with to celebrate the 31st of October. It looks like Cryptic doesn't plan to disappoint.

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SixTwoSixFour (aka Dangeresque)

As far as Halloween events go... this is pretty badass. WoW's Halloween stuff leaves me out in the cold- sure, the Hallowed Horseman and how he speaks in verse is neat, but overall, it's pretty lame. Wish we could get rampant werewolf disease. #championsonline